String functions

Excel's string functions allow you to manipulate text and extract important information. Take a look at our in-depth tutorials:

  • Excel string functions: An introduction. A brief introduction to strings, including information on what a string is an how to use it within an Excel function.
  • Combine text in Excel using CONCATENATE. Combine two or more strings of text in Microsoft Excel into one large block using the handy CONCATENATE function.
  • The TRIM function in Excel. Use Excel's TRIM function to eliminate excess characters from the end and beginning of a string, and from the middle of words.
  • Using the LEN function. The LEN function is one of Excel's most useful string manipulation tools, allowing you to count the number of characters in a given string.
  • How to count characters in Excel. Learn how to use the LEN function to count characters in an Excel cell or string.
  • How to search Text in Excel. Use the SEARCH function to search text in Excel. Specify a given substring you're looking for, and Excel will find its position within a larger string.
  • Using Excel's wildcard character. Use Excel's wildcard characters within string search and matching functions to represent one or more of any possible character. Wildcards can help when matching against a partial or incomplete phrase.
  • Using Excel's RIGHT function. Use Excel's RIGHT function to extract a given number of characters from the right-most side of a string.
  • Using Excel's LEFT formula. Excel's LEFT formula allows you to extract a specified number of characters from the leftmost side of a text string.
  • Using Excel's MID function. MID allows us to extract a string of text from within a larger string starting in the middle.
  • How to use Excel's VALUE function. The VALUE function converts numbers stored as strings to numerical inputs for use in mathematical formulas.