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Update: Good news! All of my materials are updated to reflect changes included in v3.1 of the Uber test.

So... you’re applying for a job at Uber and want to be sure you dominate the analytics test. I don’t blame you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and you want to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Most Uber applicants walk into the analytical assessment blind. It's in our makeup, I guess — we're an independent bunch, and we like solving problems on our feet.

But if you think about it, it doesn't make sense to leave such a high-risk test up to chance. This is one of the most important job interviews you'll ever walk into, and you should use every advantage you can to prepare for it.

But where to start? If you've tried using an online Excel class like Udemy or Coursera, you know that they're not the solution. Designed for Excel beginners, they don't do a good job equipping you with the tools you'll need at a high-performing company. And they aren't tailored towards Uber's rigorous interview process.

That's why I've created these materials to help you pass your test — and get the job. I know how difficult it can be to struggle with Excel during interviews, and I want to help make sure you're equipped to succeed. So, I've spent weeks crafting a comprehensive training package containing everything you need to dominate your interview.

I've tested every analytics assessment prep package out there, and I know from personal experience that this one is the best. You'll master all the skills you need for your test in a matter of hours, through hands-on exercises and clearly-explained solutions. Imagine how you'll feel walking into your interview feeling confident and ready to tackle the challenge.

Here's how to get started: sign up for my free 5-day mini-course to learn about the most important things to study for your test. At no cost, this helpful course will structure your thinking on how to prepare for the big interview.

Then, check out the information below for even more preparation resources.

What to expect from the Uber analytics test

The Uber's analytics assessment is generally given to applicants for roles in the Operations and Marketing departments. It's a 2-hour test during which applicants are asked to download and analyze two .csv files to answer a series of questions. It's composed of a few distinct sections:

  • About 26 quantitative questions based on a .csv provided to you by Uber. The .csv file will model real data that you might encounter on the job, and will likely focus on Uber's business or operations. You'll need to use Excel formulas and functions to parse and analyze the .csv file to extract the answers to the questions provided.
  • About 2 business modeling questions that focus on quantitative aspects of the business not found in the .csv file provided to you. For example, these questions could focus on the economics of being a driver.
  • About 4 short essays which you'll answer from a more qualitative perspective.

The test is timed, so you'll only have about two hours total to answer all of these questions. My latest estimates show that interviewees need to answer about 70% of the questions correctly to pass the test.

I've also heard reports of other versions of the test being given to applicants — including 10-question and 20-question variants. However, the most common version of the test contains the full 32 questions as outlined above.

How to prepare

With adequate preparation, you'll dominate Uber's analytics assessment. I recommend that you check all of the following boxes in your test preparation plan:

Master Excel

An Excel skill assessment is at the core of the analytics test, so it's critical that you master the skills necessary to knock it out of the park.

Brush Up on Vocab

Uber will use a number of critical, internal terms during the exam. It'll help to study these terms in advance so you have a leg up during your test.

Do The Math

Uber's exam isn't just Excel-based — it also contains a section on arithmetic and probability questions. Practicing these up-front can help you down the road.

Practice it Live

When it comes to test preparation, there's no substitute for repeated practice. That's why we've developed a practice exam you can try out before your actual test.

And if you haven't already, sign up for the free 5-day mini-course today to learn about the most important things to study for your test.

Sample questions

Let's get to the important stuff — sample questions. These model questions will give you an idea of the sort of material you can expect to encounter on your test:

  • Multiple-choice Excel questions. To answer these questions, you'll need to use Excel to analyze a set of two .csv files provided to you by Uber as part of your test. Given a data set of rides by hour over a two-week period, for example, you might be asked things like:
    • Which day within the data set had the highest number of rides?
    • On average, which hour of the day sees the most Uber requests from riders?
    • On average, during which hour of the day is the ratio of drivers to riders the lowest?
    • How many drivers within our data set both recorded over 100 trips and had a rating over 4.8?
    • If you were to add more drivers to any 8-hour shift during the average week, which shift would you choose?
    • During which hours are Uber prices likely to be the highest?
  • Multiple-choice quantitative questions. You may also be asked to answer quantitative questions that require performing mathematical calculations outside of Excel. For example, you may be asked:
    • On average, what percentage of 6-digit licence plates contain the numbers '7' or '8'?
    • What is the probability that three consecutive cards drawn from a 52-card deck are all the same suit?
  • Short- and long-answer essay questions. To answer these questions, you'll need to type out multi-paragraph essays answering questions like the following:
    • If you were tasked with recruiting 1000 additional drivers to Uber's platform, how would you go about doing so?
    • Write an e-mail to Uber's driver corps explaining the terms of a new promotion launching next month.
    • Uber wants to expand its services to a new city abroad. What do you think will be the primary challenges of this expansion? How would you solve them?
    • In under 6 sentences, convince a taxi driver to switch to driving for Uber.
    • Explain why surge pricing is important for Uber, its drivers, and its customers.

How I can help

All of this may sound daunting, but don't worry — I'm here to help, and with proper preparation you're going to knock this test out of the park.

First, sign up for the free 5-day mini-course to learn about the most important things to study for your test. At no cost, this helpful guide will help structure your thinking on how to prepare for the big interview.

Then, check out my test preparation resources.. Together, these materials contain everything you need to ace your exam. Here's what's on tap:

My guarantee

I'm so confident you'll pass the test after reading my materials that if you don't, I'll give you your money back.

Here's how it works: download the guide and practice test practice test and use them to prepare for your interview. On the rare chance that you don't pass your test, you'll get an e-mail from your Uber recruiter letting you know. Forward me that e-mail and I will refund 100% of the cost — no questions asked. You don't have to return anything — just let me know and I'll issue a refund.

It's literally that easy. If you don't pass the test, I don't get paid.

With zero risk on your end, you can't afford to pass up this critical preparation for one of the most important tests you'll ever take.

What they're saying

My materials have already helped many happy customers pass the Uber analytics test. Here's what a few of them have to say:

"Your material is great and definitely helped me prepare for the test. The guide and practice test were beyond helpful in practicing the Excel commands, and very easy to understand."

-Jared C.

"Your help on the essay questions was priceless. Thanks again!"

-Rachel M.

"I've been admitted to the next step of Uber process! Your guide was very useful and the questions were very similar to what I studied in your test. Thank you!!"

-John L.

"This gave me the confidence boost I needed heading into the test. I passed! And I'd highly recommend your materials to others applying for jobs at Uber."

-Parul V.

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