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Excel Mastery Certification

Deskbright's Excel Mastery Certification is an end-to-end training program that will help you create truly effortless spreadsheets that do your work for you.

As a Certified Microsoft Excel Specialist, you'll have the skills to squeeze every ounce of value you possibly can out of spreadsheet software. Starting with basic Excel fundamentals, you'll build your knowledge of features and functions from PivotTables through advanced financial models.

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Online Excel lessons

Spreadsheet skills are a prerequisite for many modern jobs. Our resources will help you get up to speed. Here's what we offer:

  • Excel video courses. Check out our professional video courses, with easy-to-follow instruction and live exercises.
  • Excel interview questions. Ace the interview with our comprehensive overview of Excel interview questions.
  • The Ultimate Excel Book. Learn spreadsheet secrets used by the pros — from the ground up.
  • Free online lessons. Check out our free series of online Excel lessons used by tens of thousands of visitors each month.
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Uber analytics test prep

Uber, one of the world's fastest-growing companies, asks applicants for analytical positions to complete a rigorous Excel test before interviewing.

If you're interviewing at Uber, make sure you are qualified for the job and prepared for your interview with our Uber analytics test prep resources.

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Uber analytics guide cover