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Free Excel tutorials

Learn the basics of spreadsheets with Deskbright's free Excel lessons. From opening files through mathematical functions, we'll get you up to speed on must-know formulas and features to start your learning.

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The Ultimate Excel Book

Feeling overwhelmed by Excel at work? A lack of confidence when presented with data analysis and spreadsheet challenges? It doesn't have to be that way. The Ultimate Excel Book will show you how to master the art of spreadsheets and feel confident and prepared on the job.

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Video courses

If you're a visual learner who benefits from hands-on experience, we've got the perfect course for you. Deskbright's clear, concise, and engaging videos walk you though Excel's most important features and functions. And real-world inspired exercises will give you hands-on experience so you'll never forget what you've learned.

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Comprehensive exercises

Uber analytics test prep

Knowing Excel is critical to your success in the modern workforce. Increasingly, companies are testing job candidates on Excel skills before extending offers.

If you're interviewing at Uber, make sure you are qualified for the job and prepared for your interview with our Uber analytics test prep resources.

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Deskbright for business

Your team deserves to reach its full potential. So we've developed a comprehensive suite of Excel training resources to help your employees thrive. Our business solutions include full access to our video courses, live exercises modeled after real-world business scenarios, customized curricula tailored for each individual employee, and more.

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