Practice advanced spreadsheet skills with
30 challenging Excel exercises.

The Excel Exercise Pack will help you practice your Excel and spreadsheet skills with a series of advanced exercises drawn from real-world work scenarios.

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30 .XLSX files containing challenging exercises to practice your spreadsheet skills. Over the course of dozens of comprehensive assignments, you'll be challenged to use formulas and functions like IF, SUMIFS, VLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, and more to complete real-world business challenges.

Real applications of PivotTables and charts. You've read enough about PivotTable and chart theory. It's time to practice what you've learned with real data! Use an Excel file hundreds of lines long to consolidate data into an easy-to-use, readable format.

Detailed answer keys that explain everything you need to know. Stuck on an exercise? No problem. Each .XLSX challenge comes with an easy-to-follow answer key that outlines the formulas and functions you need to solve the problem presented.

Scenarios that you'll encounter in your daily job. These exercises are designed by a business analytics consultant to mirror challenges that you'll encounter in your day-to-day work. They follow a fictional company called SnackWorld as it navigates through a number of common analytical challenges.

Here's a detailed, section-by-section overview of what you'll get:

Basic formulas and functions

Practice the basics of Excel arithmetic functions, then write formulas that can be easily copied and pasted using relative and absolute cell references. Finally, add data tables to your sheets to make them beautiful and easy to read.

Intermediate logical functions

Use the power of logical functions like IF, SUMIF, and COUNTIFS to build complex logic into your spreadsheets and simplify your own decision-making.

Advanced lookup functions

Dive into Excel's more advanced capabilities with nine exercises that test your mettle with various lookup functions, including VLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, OFFSET and INDIRECT, and array formulas.

Working with PivotTables

Prepare data to be analyzed using PivotTables ‐ one of Excel's most valuable analytical tools. Then, explore multiple PivotTable types, including one-dimensional matrices and PivotTables with multiple rows and columns.

Creating charts

Use your formatted data to create beautiful charts that tell a compelling business story. Then, format your charts with different colors and styles so that they're clean and easy-to-read.

Advanced modeling

Bring it all together by constructing a detailed, forward-looking model to project revenue over time.

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"All I can say is, wow. These exercises were so helpful getting me up to speed on how to use lookup functions. Super helpful and saved me a lot of research time. Thank you!"

-Gary M.

"Thanks for an awesome download! It's one thing to read about Excel, but it's another thing entirely to get to practice it."

-Janet K.

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Customer reviews

Practical Enough  

Covers Real world examples that challenges your skill.. Can verify to you that it comes with answers to help you out when stuck.. FFS up d I mentio n it also has few chat box noted to explain the simplicity of the formulas used IP n the "answer section". This may be different from yours, but gives great result and alternatives...Recommended for personal Challenge..

Excellent Excel Reference  

Found the exercises logically covered the key formulas in Excel. Useful resource to test your formula syntax & answers if required. Many thanks

Great product  

This was perfect for practicing excel skills I had gotten stale on. I used these practice sheets to prep for a job interview excel assessment. I highly recommend using this over many of the other pricey excel interview prep tests!


It is really a great idea to have designed the exercise books. I found out that certain functions that I thought I knew....I did not really understood them until I have tried the exercise pack...simply brillant! The functions are well explained and the exercises well laid out.

Easy to use and understand  

The exercises are easy to understand and have a clear purpose. Even the exercises on the formulas I don't use will be of help in the future.

Great addition to already fantastic resources  

These practices exercises are just what is needed to complement the excellent written tutorials and videos. It's always easier to learn when you can practice with the files. Love it. Thanks so much Sam!