The Best SQL Resources On The Web

Want to brush up on your SQL skills? Check out this list of the top SQL resources available on the web.

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  • Full-featured SQL courses
    • Deskbright. That's us! Check out our site for in-depth tutorial on some of SQL's most common features.
    • Codecademy. A fantastic interactive environment for learning SQL. Includes a free tutorial and some paid classes.
    • W3Schools. Free SQL basics and function tutorials from W3Schools, the world's largest web developer site.
    • Khan Academy. Has an excellent free course for beginner SQL users.
    • SQLZoo. A great interactive tutorial hosted by Edinburgh Napier University.
    • Fresh2Refresh. A full, text-based SQL tutorial covering all of the basics.
  • Jobs and interviews
    • SQLJobs. A database of SQL-focused jobs, with a geographic focus on the UK.
    • Uday Arumilli. Uday Arumilli's personal website and extensive SQL interview Q&A.
    • SQL-Ex. A Russia-based website (includes English-translated version) with good, hands-on SQL exercises.
    • Best Interview Questions. A blog with advice on technical interview questions, including a number of detailed posts on SQL.
    • MSBI Skills. A solid blog that offers some good string-based SQL interview questions.
    • SQL Tutorial. A Russian SQL tutorial website with some challenging SQL tutorials.
    • Business Intelligence blog. Some trickier interview questions from Bagesh Kumar Singh.
    • TekSlate. Tutoring website with a free article on Oracle PL SQL specifically.
    • Tech and Mate. Blog post on SQL interview questions from Tech and Mate.
    • Crack Job Interview. A blog post on some of the most frequently-asked high-level SQL interview questions.
  • SQL blogs
    • DBARepublic. Interesting set of posts and articles on tuning and optimizing SQL code.