"I spend hours every day buried in Excel and feel overwhelmed by my work..."

Excel is a huge part of your job. You spend tons of time at work struggling with formulas and functions — and, even though you can usually solve your problems eventually, you can’t help but wondering whether you’re doing things the right way.

Do you ever:

  • Feel a lack of confidence when presented with data analysis and spreadsheet challenges?
  • Wonder whether you could be saving time at work if you knew the right Excel formulas and functions?
  • Feel guilty about bugging your team with Excel questions?
  • Wonder whether your co-workers see you as a competent, high-performing analyst?
  • Feel dreadful or uninspired when you go to work each morning?

Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Around the world, thousands of employees just like you struggle with these problems each and every day. It’s totally normal.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How much more enjoyable would your job be if you knew how to make Excel work with you, not against you?


  • You would feel confident and prepared on the job.
  • You would free up hours every day to spend on more important things — like critical work tasks, meetings, or even more ‘you time’.
  • You wouldn’t have to nag your team with requests for spreadsheet help.
  • Your co-workers would respect you as a high-performing analyst.
  • You would feel excited to go to work every day.

And, best of all — what if your new skills qualified you for more senior, higher-paying positions in your industry? That would have a huge impact on your career — and your lifetime earnings.

So, where to start?

You’re a independent, productive person, and you like solving problems on the fly — so you’ve tried to learn Excel on your own. You’ve read forums and articles trying to figure out which formulas and functions will help you out the most, but there’s so much information out there that it’s hard to figure out where to begin.

And even if you know what to look for, most tutorials available are confusing and hard-to-follow. After hours of searching and trial-and-error, you still aren’t getting the answers you need.

There's an easier way:

Deskbright's Ultimate Excel Book

The Ultimate Excel Book will save you hours of time that you could be spending more productively. Written for the casual-to-intermediate Excel user looking to master the art of automating day-to-day work, this book will start with the basics and build your spreadsheet skills from the ground up. When you’re finished reading, you’ll feel confident in your ability to tackle any spreadsheet task that’s thrown your way.

The Ultimate Excel Book is based on years of experience, trial and error, and hard-earned expertise. It’s the perfect resource to help you take the next step in your career by enabling you to solve tough analysis problems quickly and easily — and feel excited to go to work every day.

Here’s the best part: the downloadable e-book now only costs $15. That’s right: for just 15 bucks, you can put yourself on the path to feeling in-control, productive, and confident at work. That’s an incredible deal considering how massive an impact this could have on your career. Think about it: one promotion, and this book has already paid for itself a hundred times over.

But that’s not all...

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you don't love this book, you'll get your money back.

Download the book, read through it, and use it to save hours on the job every day. On the rare chance that you don't love it, send me an e-mail within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund 100% of the cost — no questions asked. You don't have to return anything — just let me know and I'll issue a refund.

It's literally that easy. If you don't love the book, you keep it and get your money back.

With zero risk on your end, you can't afford to pass up this amazing opportunity to take charge of your professional development. Think about it: just one promotion or pay raise, and this book has already paid for itself a hundred times over.

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Deskbright's Ultimate Excel Book Cover

Download the Ultimate Excel Book

The tips in this e-book will save you hours of work every day and help you feel prepared and confident at work. It only costs...



Love it or your money back!

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What's inside?

The Ultimate Excel Book contains all the information you need to master Excel in convenient .pdf, .epub, and .mobi formats — so you can read on your computer or easily send to a device like your Kindle. Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Overview section to explain the basics of Excel for complete beginners...
  • A function reference on the absolute most useful functions Excel has to offer, and how to take full advantage of their power...
  • Detailed, real-world examples of how to use each feature, including real data...
  • Advanced charting, PivotTables, and formatting guides to help you create dashboards, dynamic tables and more...
  • Expert function overviews like INDEX MATCH MATCH and array functions...
  • Plus... reference section so that you know where to go for additional help...

Here's a detailed, chapter-by-chapter overview of what you'll get:


Brief introduction from the author and an overview of what you'll find in the book

Getting started

'Start from zero' introduction to Microsoft Excel, including spreadsheet basics and how to navigate the interface and work with basic data, like sorting and filtering lists

The basics of functions

Overview of what a 'function' is, and how we can chain them together to create complex strings of logic and mathematical calculations in Excel

Common mathematical functions

Basics of the most common mathematical functions used in everyday spreadsheets, including SUMs, cumulative SUMs with absolute and relative cell references, AVERAGEs, and MAX / MINs

Working with dates and times

Introduction to Excel's unique time formatting system, and an overview of date-based functions that allow us to manipulate, add, and subtract dates and times

Working with strings

Summary of Excel's string manipulation capabilities, including concatenation, LEFT and RIGHT functions, and searching for substrings; overview of advanced string parsing with wildcards

Lookup functions

Detailed dive into Excel's most useful functions, like VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP; expert-level tutorials on more complex lookups with multiple criteria and dimensions

Logical functions

Introduction to boolean logic and how it can be used to create dynamic, intelligent spreadsheets with the IF function; deep dive into conditional logic functions like SUMIFS and COUNTIFS

Creating charts and graphs

Advanced overview of Excel's charting capabilities, including chart input requirements; different chart types; and visual modifications / data labeling

Working with PivotTables

End-to-end exploration of the power of PivotTables, from simple one-dimensional Pivots through complex multi-dimensional tables that summarize metrics in different ways

Advanced formatting

Information on how to use advanced formatting to make your spreadsheets easier to read an interpret, including conditional formatting and data bars


Thorough reference section outlining Excel tutorial websites, help forums, and more

Download now — $15
30-day money-back guarantee

About the author

Photo of Sam

Sam McIntire

Expert Excel author

I entered the corporate world immediately after graduating from college. My first job was at a high-powered management consultancy, where I used Excel every day. Even though I had the luxury of excellent on-the-job training, I still spent hours learning the intricacies of Excel online, oftentimes struggling with it late into the night.

My peers at other companies fared worse. Throughout my time in consulting and beyond, I was continually approached for help by friends who were struggling professionally because they had nobody to teach them the skills necessary for success.

I believe that everybody deserves to thrive at work. So, I started Deskbright, a resource dedicated to empowering employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with high-quality tutorials on the business skills that matter. I started with a series of Excel tutorials, because I found that mastering spreadsheets was one of the most common problems among my peers. These days, tens of thousands of visitors benefit from my tutorials every single month.

Now, all of my work is available in this convenient e-book format. I'm so excited to share the results of my hard work with you in the form of the Ultimate Excel Book, and I know that it's the resource you need to feel confident and in control when using spreadsheets.

So... what are you waiting for? Don't waste time and risk missing out on lessons that will transform your career. Pick up the Ultimate Excel Book today!

Download now — $15
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